Security is very underestimated by most home and small office users. Especially the security of a wireless network.

Most people will purchase a wireless access point or router, connect it to their ISP and start using it without checking any security settings. This is not acceptable for your own security.

If left unchecked, anyone in the near vicinity of your access point can utilise your connection to the Internet and exploit your bandwidth. More importantly, more and more people are using these open access points for criminal activities. This has also been bought to the attention of Watchdog on BBC1. People of these open access point have also received letters from solicitors stating that monies are due for untoward activities. Even tough it is no fault of there own.

If you are at all concerned that you have no security in place then contact us.

Another area of concern is key-loggers which can reside on your computers. These can inadvertently be downloaded without your knowledge.

What harm can these key-loggers do?

Generally these are used to track your website visits and capture passwords. Which are then sent back to servers. That information is abused to the benefit of criminals. The majority of these key-loggers are used to gain password access to your banks, Ebay and PayPal accounts, to name but a few.

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