All of our onsite prices are generally charged on an hourly basis at £35 per hour if you are in the Basingstoke area. If you are just outside the Basingstoke area such as Reading, Southampton, Winchester, Farnham or there about then we will charge an extra £15. To give you an indication on how many hours a specific task may take please take a look at our guide below. Please fill in our form here for specific pricing enquiries and questions.

Task To Be Carried Out Hours Price
Setup Wireless Router with Security 2 £70
Spyware, Adware and Trojan removal 2 £70
Configure PC for connectivity to network 1 £35
Upgrade hard drive copying data 3 £105
Add memory 1 £35
Add Card to PC (Video, USB, Firewire, NIC, Etc) 1 £35
Configure external devices / Gadgets 1 £35
Configure Printer for Sharing between Multiple PC's 2 £70
Windows 7 or Vista install (Does not include other software) 3 £105
Individual Applications installation 1 £35
Add DVD Writer / Reader 1 £35
Configure PC for sharing data 2 £70
Transfer all Data from Old PC to a New PC 2 £70
PC Overhall - Replace MB, memory, processor and case 2 - 4 Call
Setup PC(s) on a Network (Wireless ot Not) 1 + Call
Install Additional Storage (Hard Drive) 1 £35

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